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I installed omnifocus on my iphone and on my computer. I also took a mobile me account for the syncing. Now I am experiencing problems with the iphone verion of OF. The computer version syncs fine trough the idisk, but the iphone version keeps asking to name and password to access the idisk. I am sure that I am giving in the right password but the dialog keeps popping up again and again...

Hope you can help me out,


I have exactly the same problem, I tried to sync with the omnigroup demo server, tried to use the full information in the username, tried to reset the database, ...
It just keeps asking me my username/password
By the way, I was wondering why you need to specify a username since in the MobilMe settings the username is already given?
Or is it another username, that one is supposed to provide?

This is frustrating, thank you for your help!