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Hi folks
I think I've tried every conceivable way to do this so far...

I have a plain text (markdown) document with links in it. They are in the format

[California Institute of Technology (Caltech)](
USA MyNotes

but can be made into RTF easily enough if need be. I want them in an OO3 outline so I can add columns but cannot find a way to get the information in. RTF copy-paste loses the links. I'd like to click on the name (Caltech in this example) and go to the link.

Is there any way to get this import? because Open... doesn't work, copy-paste RTF doesn't work, drag and drop doesn't work...;)

If the tabbing can be preserved too (before USA and before MyNotes) into separate columns, I'll be *really* happy...but I'll settle for the links for now!