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recently i had some trouble syncing my omnifocus database via webDAV. it had worked for a year or so but lately i got error messages... today i had the time to check what the problem might be and found out, that even if i sync to a local hard drive (sync with: Disk) i only get a folder like "OmniFocus.ofocus-copy-in-progress-hdWvXXhdYrW"
if i remember well, there were folders like this on my dav server, but also a file with a .ofocus extenstion. - now omnifocus doesn´t seem to writes this file...
so i connected to the webDav via the finder, copied the "OmniFocus.ofocus-copy-in-progress-xxxx" folder to the server and deleted everything after ".ofocus" in the folder name - surprisingly it worked.
i now can sync to this file from both my iphone and my mac.

any hints why omnifocus stops the sync process at the end and doesn´t rename the derictory to .ofocus sometimes?