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This would be the missing link for me. As a professional webdeveloper, i handle multiple projects at the same time. I use OmniPlan to schedule these projects and asses realistic turn around dates. The possibility to plan tasks based on an actual resources calendar is what made me decide on OmniPlan as my preferred tool.

However, the inability to combine projects into a larger, master project as proposed here is a major set back. There are two possible work arounds, but neither is very productive:

Either you create all projects as individual taskgroups in one project (tedious work, hardto update, and baslining gets impossible)

Or, you create individual projects and manually adjust your resources availability. Even harder to keep up with tyis setup!

It would also be nice if iCal could sync back with OmniPlan, so that OmniPlan knowstge hours you will be busy on other things and adjust the plan accordingly.

Has there been any feedback for this from the Omni group?