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Is there a keyword list or some other reference availabe so that I can customize my HTML templates? Right now I do not know the vocabulary that OmniPlan is using. I checked the manual, but I could find nothing. I have found hints and bits across the threads, but no single, consolidated list. Do you have one that you can share with me?

I too have been having problems customizing the HTML templates. The problem that I have been having is that no what I do to the template, OmniPlan seems to do its own thing. For example, the footer that this thread mentions won't go away, no matter what I do to the template. Another thing that seems to be broken is the setting of paths. With this problem, I set the path to a particular graphic, select the export template, and fire it off. OmniPlan then generates some "other" path to the graphics other than what I set in the template. This means that I would have to modify my report pages and their paths every time I generate new reports. You can imagine that this would quickly become an expensive overhead function just to use the report feature. Can you guys take a look at this one? Many thanks.


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