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All dates are still appearing in iCal as the day before. That is, tasks for 'today' appear as for 'yesterday'. An item with the OF date 21 November appears as 20 November.
I haven't had a chance to test this thoroughly yet, but my speculation is that this bug only happens for time zones East of GMT, and I think it might only happen if you haven't turned on time zone support in iCal's Advanced Preferences.

I think that what's happening is that iCal usually expects the due date to be the same no matter what time zone you're in, so they set the due date's time to noon GMT (London time) so that every time zone in the world will have the same date when that time is reached, and they always display the date as it would be seen in GMT.

OmniFocus considers the time of the due date to be significant, so we assign whatever time of day you actually specified—and defaulting the beginning of the day. Since the beginning of the day in Seattle still has the same date in London, we don't see that bug here in Seattle; but the beginning of the day in Paris is still late evening of the previous day in London, so iCal ends up displaying an earlier date.

When you turn on time zone support in iCal, I think it might display the date of a task based on when that moment occurs in your current time zone rather than when it occurs in GMT. But again, I haven't actually sat down and tested this theory yet, it's just my guess based on some of the bug reports I've seen about this.