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I'm in timezone GMT+10 and the same thing continues. I've always had time zone support selected.
Well, there goes my theory that turning on time zone support helps the problem. :)

The times have always been fine until one of the releases in the last week or so.
We haven't changed anything in our date synchronization recently, but we did recently fix a bug in our date selection code which would cause our date inspector to use a default time of noon rather than midnight. So if you've been using the inspectors, you've perhaps been getting due dates of noon until now, and when noon was synchronized with iCal it was still the same date.

I guess we can work around this problem by always telling iCal that the due time is noon (rather than the actual value from OmniFocus), but that's a disappointing solution since it means that other clients that don't have this problem won't get to see the actual time anymore.