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I've been trying to set up a system to deal with recurring projects containing recurring tasks.

I'm seeing two basic ways to organize these kind of projects. You can either repeat the project (using the inspector). Or repeat the tasks within the project. In the first case when the project is completed, one has to select the "complete" status selection and a new project will be create with a future starting and/or due date containing the same tasks.

In the second case, the project will remain permanently incomplete and the tasks will repeat after they are checked off as completed.

Incidentally, I've found that if I repeat both the project and the tasks, I end up with duplicate sets of projects/tasks... one set repeating with the project re-cycling... and the other set repeating after each individual item is checked off. So I've found that it's not a good idea to recur both project itself and the tasks within project.

I've been mainly using the second method (the recurring tasks method) for these projects. What I'm noticing is that the projects constantly stay in view, because a new task appears right away. I've been trying to work more consistently in 'next action' mode, and would like to minimize the amount of distracting projects in my list. Using this method, when I'm in 'next action" status view the projects do not disappear. I suppose that if I use the second method, they would disappear until their start date/time.

I'm wondering in how others use the repeat feature in project and/or task inspector. What is your experience with recurring projects and recurring tasks? What combination of settings do you use and to what effect?