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Hello all -

As the title says, I am a long time Palm (currently Treo 700P) user, for years using the Palm desktop on Windows, then in the last couple years working with the Missing Sync, synching with ical and address book on my Mac laptop. I've also been a fan and practioner (to the best of my ability) of GTD for several years, and have a pretty workable system set up in the Palm. However, the Palm's days are numbered, unless you want to switch to Sprint, which I don't.

I am exploring OmniFocus and considering getting an ipod touch to work with it - I also don't want to use ATT for phone, as their coverage is not good around here. I'm on Verizon now, and would just get a basic phone for phone stuff and use the ipod touch for organizing, scheduling and email - sort of like when I had a separate Palm Pilot and phone before I got the Treo.

My question is, will OmniFocus pull in all the stuff that I currently have in ical in when I sync it for the first time? I assume I'd have to set up the proper contexts and map the calendars to them? Is there a guide somewhere to navigating this process? I've done searches on this forum and found some more or less applicable stuff, just nothing quite like this. Thanks to all for any help - looking forward to getting started with OmniFocus.