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Out of curiosity, what does a project look like when the Palm stuffs it into iCal? As I recall, OmniFocus just puts all the actions from a given context into the associated calendar for that context, as To Do items, not as calendar events. Probably you couldn't reverse the process to regenerate the project from the iCal data.
Yes, it's quite a mess, and I'm sure that just rebuilding it all via cut and paste is the best way - otherwise even if it's possible to make it flow in the opposite direction it would be even more of a mess. Ical/Missing Sync makes new calendars for everything - so you end up with calendars that are contexts, categories of to-do's, categories of actual calendar items - it's quite a mish-mash. The whole idea of syncing the Palm with the Mac apps via the Missing Sync does not work well, in my experience - too much pounding square pegs into round holes. I'm hoping for something better from OF and ical separately, letting each one do what it does well.

I spent a couple hours last night cutting and pasting projects that I exported from Bonsai (outlining program on Palm) to Palm memos, syncing them to the Missing Sync Notes application, then pasting into OF. It actually worked, as cumbersome as it sounds. Going straight from ical into OF will be easier.

Thanks for your answers - let me know any other input that might pop in, and best to all - DR