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>>>In OmniFocus you are thought to sync with 'iCal' but if you are using OmniFocus on more than one Mac you are in problems if you do just that. You should only sync with the Sync Services on /one/ Mac as the synced tasks are automatically synced to the other Macs through MobileMe. If you sync from OmniFocus to the Sync Services on two Macs [laptop and desktop] you will get circular syncs - and lots of duplicates. OmniFocus tasks synced to the Sync Services on Computer 1, synced to Computer 2 through MobileMe without the use of the Sync Service's extensibility, can simply not be recognized by OmniFocus on Computer 2 as the same tasks it receives through MobileMe's iDisk.

I figured this out on my own after thinking about it for awhile (have two Macs and iPhone which I sync via MobileMe. Got the duplicating (then quad, then 8x, etc.) to dos, and after thinking about it, realized that it must be that OF on my work computer had no way of recognizing the to dos in iCal as the synced-up actions from OF on my home computer. So I simply pulled all the OF Context—iCal Calendar assignments on the work computer, cleared out my sync database and synced from home. Problem solved. However, this means getting on to the home computer with some regularity in order to keep all syncs current. Oh, well.