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I was bad about syncing with iCal from my Macbook, but I did it the other day, and I think I know what may have happened for me. I think I had to-do's in the calendar from when I had my blackberry. When I got an iPhone, I simply copied a lot of them by cut and pasting them into the OF inbox (i didn't know about the iCal sync at the time), and somehow lately, I synced, and then a lot of completed actions came back into the inbox. To top it off, some other actions switched contexts on me (mainly from Mac:Online to Errands).

It was weird. I just tried something, I backed everything up, turned off iCal syncing (meaning I reset it so there were no contexts syncing) and then deleted all my iCal todos (since I have them all in OF anyway). Then I set up the iCal sync and it appears to be okay.

I'm just not sure, why when I did the last sync that it didn't get rid of some completed actions in iCal, then wanted to put them back in.

Any new ideas on this?

Thanks for your help, I'm new to the forum