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Originally Posted by askon
...really... I looked...

I don't want to go to the omni startpage anymore.

How do I tell it to go where I want it to go for a startpage/homepage.

You made me think. Since OW has had workspaces, it seems to me to have rendered setting a home page redundant. It's as if each workspace sets the pages that I want to start from on each site in the function for which the workspace is intended as multiple homepages.

Given that, having a new page or new tab open with the OW start page is no bad thing: it loads more quickly and when I open a new tab, I'm usually going to google something or else I'm going to type in a shortcut or URL. The start page gives you an entry point for a google query--I have the toolbars turned off usually, doing a <opt-cmd- L> if I need the location bar--and the "omniweb/startpage" if you do the <opt-cmd-L> is already fully highlighted so disappears as soon as your cursor enters the space. Given that, I think I like the start page.