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I first want to admit I haven't read GTD. (It's on my Christmas list.) Additionally, I have only started using OF within the last month. And lastly, I'm not sure this is the thread to bring this up. I think it is enough so I will post to it.

If I understand the original post with the Start/Due dates in iCal, I believe the intent is to have my iCal show a task as an event within iCal. If that is true sign me up. If not, read on!

I have tasks as taking only 5 minutes in my forecast and/or within iCal. However, some tasks are not realistic to complete in 5 minutes or less. Take wrapping gifts for charity task(sticking with Christmas theme), I would like to estimate the effort to take 4-6 hours. My hope is for OF to forecast that out enough based on a start or due timestamp. My preference is that I know when it needs done, so back the estimate from there and show/force my hand to complete the task.

Hope that made sense and didn't complicate matters.