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I have a single action project called "Reading List". I would arrange the books in this project according to my reading preference. I would manually sort the books in a preferred reading order.

Previously, I used to have this notion that I could schedule my reading list and read X books a month. The first item on the list was the one I wanted to read first. Then I would try to knock off the books in the order I had arranged in OmniFocus. But I've found that my reading order would change from day to day (or even hour to hour). A book sounded interesting two days ago but it doesn't sound so hot now. I would also hate myself for not maintaining an ambitious reading schedule. I would feel utter disappointment and get discouraged. There are times when life takes over and I'll be overwhelmed with other projects. I won't have time for my reading list and I'd have to reschedule my reading list once again.

Nowadays, I'd just set the project to "on hold" to keep it out of my active contexts view.

I just block out time in my calendar for reading. Then I'll read whatever fits my mood. I don't really worry about creating a reading list that says:

[ ] Read 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
[ ] Read Chapter 1 of 7 Habits
[ ] Read Chapter 2 of 7 Habits
[ ] Read Chapter 3 of 7 Habits
[ ] Read Chapter 4 of 7 Habits

Instead my reading list looks like this:

[ ] Develop productive habits
[ ] Read "7 Habits of Highly Effective People"
[ ] Read "Getting Things Done"
[ ] Read "The Road Less Travelled"
[ ] Read "Who Moved My Cheese?"

[ ] Read for fun
[ ] Read "Stephen King's Dark Tower, Book 3"
[ ] Read 3 articles from Instapaper
[ ] Read "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus"

I might be in the middle of something technical like a computer hardware manual. But there might be days when I just want to tackle something easier like a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon book. I can easily switch based on my mood. I don't kick myself for not finishing a book. I can always go back to it. I usually use a 3x5 index card and write down today's date. Then I use the index card as a bookmark. When I return to the book, I can always remember when I read the book and determine whether I have to go back a chapter or two to refresh myself on the story line.

When I finish a book, I'll check off the book task as complete. The completion date will tell me when I finished reading a book.

Just use a calendar to block off time for reading. Depending on your mood, read whatever current book you are on or just switch to another book on your reading list.

I try to limit my current reading load to two books: one easy reading book and one technical or non-fiction book.