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This is longish, so I'm going to prefix it with this: I don't think the thread title should be changed. (Rats - looks like it already has been.)

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... at such an early stage in a software's life-cycle it's not uncommon to still have a full team (not just three developers) working on the product.
Define "full team." We have small teams, but there is far more involvement than simply a few developers. For a start, there are multiple people doing OmniFocus tech support, and project management duties for that team. (With some overlap of responsibilities.)

In addition, there are people whose involvement with OmniFocus development is more sporadic but still very important and which involve major effort specifically on the part of that particular product. For instance, multiple people involved with UI design, writing documentation and on-line help, testing/QA, marketing (creating screencasts, doing presentations, creating artwork, etc), and probably more that isn't occurring to me at the moment. Some of that is up-front effort that will get little attention between development cycles, other things require a lot of ongoing effort.

When we have OmniFocus team meetings, a lot more people than "three developers" show up. And of course there are more people here actually making sure that the company and infrastructure are running smoothly so that everyone else can do their jobs. They don't (typically) attend the OmniFocus team meetings, and you may not think of them as part of the OmniFocus "team", but that team sure needs those people. (And we all certainly think of ourselves and everyone else here as part of the same team overall.)

I hope this reply doesn't sound harsh - I really don't mean it to. I totally support customers - and non-customers - giving us their feedback, whether it be to compliment us for something we've done right, or to tell us that they aren't purchasing because the product is too expensive (or that they are purchasing but are unhappy about the price) - we need to know all of these things, and we're generally not going to know if people don't tell us. I just really wanted to respond to the idea that the team is just three people - the team is a lot larger and the effort much greater than may be immediately apparent from the outside.


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