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"What I haven't seen are many people who have joined the ranks of Omni customers as Omnifocus Users. It's a fairly new product, so I'm not going to put that out of perspective."

Well, count me as one who has joined the OMNI family by purchasing OF at the release price of $80. What impresses me the most is the openness of the OMNI staff in responding to users concerns on any number of issues. I have rarely found a company so dedicated to their customers and so willing to discuss the inner workings and reasons behind their decisions. To me this more than justifies the cost of the program.

Further, I would not consider myself a "evangelical zealot", but rather a rational person who researched a number of GTD applications and came to a reasoned conclusion that OF would meet my needs in a user-friendly way and offer exceptional customer support. I must say that I honestly believe that I made the right choice.