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I start started a new thread about this. Probably should have just added to this thread. Sorry, webmasters!

I think the reason you're seeing that message is because after an hour the Desktop OF definitely thinks it's "time to sync," sees that the Desktop is "behind" the "Cloud" copy, and gives you that message.

I'm really hoping OG changes the way this is implemented on the "Cloud" ---> Desktop OF sync side. It should be as seamless as the other direction.

If you slept your computer *less* than an hour and forced a manual sync (Cntrl-Command-S), I don't think you'd get the message.

So far I'm unable to get my commute down to under an hour, so I'm hitting this message every time I get to work and reopen my MBP, and every night when I get home and re-set up at home.

It's the benevolent curse of being able to run OF on my iPhone in the subway! :-)