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This is amazing! Here are some of the things OmniFocus for iPhone does that NO OTHER iPHONE Task Management App does:

Create a task called "call John Smith ph# (555)555-5555.
Start time: [[say twenty minutes from now]] Context: PHONE".

For fun, create another task called: "go to"

You get what you pay for, right ? Watch...

1. NO ALARM...NO POPUP ALERT...NOTHING alerts you that
you are now missing the appointment!

Only OmniFocus doesn't use alerts, and claims to be the best.
If I wanted to write my tasks down, and NOT be alerted of their
coming due, I might have used, say, PAPER!

2. Try calling John Smith Anyway....YOU CAN'T TAP HIS NUMBER TO MAKE
THE CALL! Another Unique situation. Stare at John's number, memorize
it, close omnifocus, open the phone, type his number in, call him.

3. How about the URL ? NO, You can not click it and go to that site...

4. Notice that this app is constantly doing something..
that little wheel on the bottom spins around every few minutes to let
you know it's busy as a beaver!
It sure as hell isn't busy alerting you about the appointments
you've putting in there.
Ohhh, nowww I's busy filling up my MobileMe iDisk!
There we go...ok cool.

In summary:

No alerts (visible or audible).
No clickable phone numbers even when the context is "PHONE".
No clickable URL's even if the context is "WEB".

I hope somebody above middle-management is reading this post, whether you delete the post or not, you'll need to know this right now:

Because omnifocus for iPhone is the single most expensive iPhone application on the entire AppStore...
Because there was no "Lite version" enabling unsuspecting buyers to experience this utter lack of necessary functionality, and
Because it is lacking in every single feature that a task management application is expected to have, by ANYONE...

I am personally undertaking the "TASK" of doing everything in my power
to contact every director at the Apple app store, with the intention of:

•Obtaining a refund.
•Bringing all of these issues to the review committee at Apple to have this
software put back into review under a slightly less assuming microscope.

This is a straightforward incident of false advertising, misleading a consumer purchase, and misreprestation of a publicly traded entity.

Put my 20 bucks into the can labelled "OH G*D we're about to get slammed"