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I have to disagree with some of your comments.

RE:"The iCal sync is designed as a way to get your data onto a mobile device that isn't an iPhone, and to do so in a context-based fashion so that you can pull out your device, pull up the calendar that corresponds to your context, and look at the available actions."

The software syncs via "using Bonjour, through the cloud using MobileMe or any standard WebDAV server, or even with something as simple as a USB drive" which the device then syncs to capture the tasks.

If you are stating the iCal feature is to "pull up the calendar that corresponds to your contexts" then it should show more than just one calendar. Who in this day does not have separated or multiple calendars in their lives and they coincide together and need the tasks to coincide as well? There will be some contexts that are only for one specific calendar but many are for multiple areas of our lives.

RE: "If you treat your errands as a context (or set of contexts) instead of a project, it makes more sense from a GTD standpoint. The place where you need to be to do the errand is the context.

By default OF provides "errands" as a default context. Which is part of the GTD focus. If that is the case and you have multiple areas of your life, i.e. work and personal, its is more efficient to share "errands" between the two so while you are running errands, you address both work and personal.

RE: "If you really want them separated, you could make duplicate contexts Errands-Personal and Errands-Work and assign tasks to one or the other and sync them to separate calendars."

I don't want the contexts separated. I would like to SHARE the contexts in order to optimize my time between work and personal, or any other separated calendar within iCal.

Allowing all the contexts which are default with the OF application or new items a user adds, should be able to shared between your separated iCal folders/calendars & to-do just like they are within the OF application.

So is there any kind of work around or planned changes with the application to share contexts between iCal folders? This seems odd they don't work together since they make a product to sync with iCal's To-do's.