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While setting up a project in OP recently, I noticed myself doing a couple things repeatedly that could probably be avoided...

1. I decided to mark the phases of the project with different colors for the Gantt bars in each phase. This works well, until I start adding new tasks to the phases, as new tasks are all created in the default blue color. I have to keep re-assigning the colors to each new task. What would help here is something similar to OmniOutliner's style hierarchy, in which I could simply define that all children of a particular group should have certain styles. Incidentally, it's actually not possible to do exactly that in OO either (there's no way to set a style for "all descendants" of something -- but I've requested that feature for OO as well), but in any case, that would work here.

2. In setting up a project for which I'll be doing most (but not all) of the work, I find I have to keep reassigning myself to each task as I create it. The reason this matters to me is that it would eliminate the extra step of assigning myself to each new task before I can readjust the schedule (i.e. "level resources").

I wish there was a way to choose a default resource (or resources) to be assigned to all new tasks. This shouldn't be an application-wide setting, of course, but something remembered per-document. I'd suggest it be configurable in the Task palette (possibly in a new section thereof); a checkbox to toggle "assign these resources to all new tasks", followed by a list of all resources, and checkboxes to toggle each one on/off.

3. It should be possible to select and drag multiple "unassigned" tasks in the resource view. Dragging them one at a time is unnecessarily tedious.

4. Please add an item to the context menu to assign a task to a person, when right-clicking a task in either the outline or Gantt chart. I found it surprisingly counter-intuitive trying to figure out how and where to assign tasks to people. Not that it doesn't make sense to do this on the resources page, just that one shouldn't have to keep making trips to that view to do something so simple. Again, the main problem is that I cannot accurately "level resources" until all tasks are assigned. As I add new tasks in the outline, I'd like to be able to assign them without having to switch views, so I can update the schedule as I go.