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Good news: nothing is going to show up on your calendar.
Bad news: see the good news :-)

iCal syncing puts tasks into the to do list section, not the calendar proper. However, it does not differentiate on the basis of start or due dates—if an action is assigned to a context which is synced to iCal, it will be synced. iCal does have some UI for controlling how to do items are displayed, which may help (see the Advanced preferences, in particular).

Make a new calendar in iCal and set up a context to sync to it. If you don't like it, just delete the calendar from iCal, with no harm done. I suspect that you will find that the feature doesn't really do what you think you want it to do (because what most people seem to want it to do isn't really what it was built to do). Then, send in feedback to Omni asking them to please hurry up with bringing the iPad's Forecast view to the Mac, because it will likely scratch this itch better than iCal.