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Why do you want it in *both* OmniFocus and your calendar? What value do you get out of an OmniFocus action like "Go to meeting with staff at 4PM"? If you need a reminder to go, use iCal (where you've already blocked out the time for the meeting). The only value I can see to also having the meeting in OmniFocus would be if it inferred due dates for prior actions in a sequence, so that you could have the "Do research for meeting" action automatically have a due date/time when the meeting starts, and adjust automatically if you reschedule the meeting. OmniFocus doesn't have any notion of inferring due dates in a sequence, however, only inferring due dates from a parent. And as discussed elsewhere, the iCal sync doesn't populate calendar events.

Reread pp. 39-41 of Getting Things Done and tell me where DA says you should put time-specific actions (meetings) on your next action lists (OmniFocus). Time-saving tip: he doesn't. "Often the next action to be taken on a project is attending a meeting that has been set up to discuss it. Simply tracking that on the calendar is sufficient." I think we can take it as a given that he has spent plenty of time in meetings!

Nothing stored in OmniFocus is accessible only from the Forecast view. If you want to look at actions by start date or due date, make a context mode perspective on the Mac grouping by start or due date and sync it to your iOS device. If you don't have OmniFocus on the Mac, ask the support ninjas to build the perspective for you enough such requests and they'll get the developers to build support for creating perspectives directly in the iOS apps. It might be nice if OmniFocus could reason about due dates in sequences, although for the most part, that can be handled by with action groups with due dates.