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Macdaddy, OmniFocus doesn't phone home to us during sync unless you're using the sync server that we're testing. Otherwise, we try to stay out of your data. :-)

Hmmm... have you had any work done on your Mac recently? If so, you may be experiencing the problem discussed in this thread on Apple's support forums...

I had symptoms like yours after the logic board was swapped on my MacBook a couple years back. Unfortunately, I can't remember how I fixed it, except that it took a couple of hours of google searching and terminal hackery to get things back up and running.

Edit - the mac has none of the issues mentioned in the thread - it works perfectly in every respect.

If you did have some work done on your Mac recently, you may want to print out that forum thread and take it by the Genius Bar at your local Apple store. Maybe they can un-futz whatever it was that has the firewall blocking stuff it shouldn't.
I wasn't suggesting data mining, but rather updating exchanges w/OF.

As for recent work, it's a work mac that I inherited from a woman with kids and it did have work done, but I couldn't begin to determine what it was. I'll check the thread, but as long as I can get it to synch by allowing all access, I can live with that. I just restore the firewall after I synch and all's well. Thx

EDIT - I checked that thread, but my macbook doesn't have a single one of those problems (thankfully). Internet and other connectivity is rock solid, otherwise.

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