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Didn't work at all - I am on the trial version of this and I definitely wont be buying it unless they make it simple to display weekends. I am not able to understand why it has been made so difficult to display such a simple thing as weekends!!!!

Does anyone actually know how to display weekends in the Gantt chart?
You can view the weekends by going to "View" > "Gantt" > "Off Hours". As others have mentioned, doing this will show the off-hours that exist in-between each working day as well.

Alternatively, you could set the normal work week in the Calendar View for the project to span across all 7 days of the week. As long as you set the working schedule for all of your resources to be from Monday - Friday (or whatever schedule you want them to have) they will not work on the weekends.

We have an existing feature request in our development database to add the option to view just the weekends, so I'll let our team know about your feedback.