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Hmm - that first error in is odd.

I'm using Python V2.7.2 and OSX 10.8.2 the same as you. The line itself is valid - have you added any code above it? The syntax looks the same as mine.

It's a shame you're having issues with since that's the report I'd recommend starting with since it just dumps everything to html and then opens the browser on it.

As for the second issue with weekly, it looks like the report is running but finding nothing to produce. This is most likely because of other config personal to my work flow:

1. looks throught all the folders for one called "Work" and only descends into that. Getting rid of that test should help.

2. (which imports) looks for completed tasks in a context whose name starts with "Log" (I move only some completed tasks into a Log context at the end of the day so I can control what appears in it).

Let me know if this helps.