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An experimental feature in version .740 of Where in OF which you are very welcome to test.

NB these shortcut scripts currently only work from the script menu, LaunchBar, etc - don't try to run them from the OmniFocus toolbar - on which they seem to cause a freeze ...

If you place a copy of Where in OF (.740 and above) in your OmniFocus scripts folder:
You can then create very simple shortcut scripts, which jump straight to frequently-used searches, along the lines of:

do shell script "osascript ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Omnifocus/ \"tasks where (name contains <txt>) or (note contains <txt>)\""
As such scripts need to use the exact name of the WhereInOF app, it may be sensible to rename a copy of .app file, dropping the version affix, to, so that you can write:

do shell script "osascript ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Omnifocus/ \"tasks where (name contains <txt>) or (note contains <txt>)\""
rather than having to modify any shortcut scripts if you download a later version.
tasks where (name contains <txt>) or (note contains <txt>)
is a useful general string search, which will also find strings in project names and notes, and you may want searches which give a more date-based or status-based custom filtering.

Thanks to whpalmer4 for suggesting saved searches which could be fired off by simple scripts.


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