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Start date reflects the earliest date/time at which you wish to be shown this task when viewing available tasks. Due date is the date/time by which it must be completed. If I need to write a report for my client who wants to see it at our meeting on Friday at 3pm, the report has a due date of Friday at 3pm. However, the start date (if it has one at all, they are not required) would clearly have to be before the report needs to be provided to the client! You might use a start date to hide a repeating task until a reasonable amount of time had passed after the previous copy had been completed.
I'm not a very GTD person and bought the iphone version hoping it would help me deal with my hectic schedules.

I was equally confused by the option of setting a start and due date, thinking that it would notify me that "Hey, time to work on task A" and "Hey, task A is due in 24hrs"

I did get the notification for the due date though.

Your explanation did help clarify about the start date's purpose.

Guess I should create another calendar and start putting up my Todo's reminders up.

Edit: After trying, I have to agree its a hassle to set a todo in OF, then open calendar to set a reminder. Why not add an option to set reminder for start dates. Users should be able to select the number of hours, days and weeks to send a notification before the start date.

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