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@Curt, Yes, that makes sense and works great for perspectives. However, they still don't stick.

For Example:
I select ProjectA from the sidebar and set the columns to view start date and end date.
Then select ProjectB from the sidebar.
When I click back to ProjectA in the sidebar, the start and due columns that I previously set are now gone.

The only way I can keep those colums visible is by taking a snapshot of the project as a Perspective after setting the columns to be viewed.

If I select that new perspective, and then choose any project from the sidebar (even if it's not part of that perspective), the columns are visible. But, it only works if I have selected that perspective for which I have set the start and due columns.

This seems like a UI bug, since the other apps tend to have a default view setting or custom view setting. What makes me say it's a bug, is that the view never sticks for a project once you click on another project in the sidebar.

And I agree that the whole column-size thing is kind of a drag, especially when I bounce from different monitors with my laptop. I constanly have to resize the column for longer context names in the column. Would be smoother to have each column resize to fit the available info, or at least truncate like Finder, where a simple double-click on the column slider would give you full-view of the contents. Wrapping it to the next line just doesn't do it for me.

Not trying to be a downer, just hoping that this feature can be addressed for future 1.1 releases. Just my $.02.