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Hope no one will mind a set of related issues in this one thread:

I can't figure out why one sub-project won't accept a change from
sequential to parallel. All other sub-projects and related actions
shift back and forth as I click on the "parallel/sequential" arrows
icon, but three children in a sub-project folder resist changing.
Even adding a duplicate item manually and using the pulldown context
menu doesn't change the greyed-out status.


There's a thread in the forum that discusses right-clicking an item,
but I'm using a MacBook Pro with a trackpad and no mouse.

On a related front, the "move up" and other positioning commands
under "structure" call for keyboard commands involving an "up arrow."
I don't have one on my MBP keyboard, though I do have the "page up"
and other keys in the lower right corner.

Thanks for a very smooth alpha - looking forward to Ethan's next
screencast video!