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Can you post the hierarchy? It's possible you're misunderstanding the sequential/parallel. As I understand it, if the project is set to sequential, all subprojects (actually called "action groups") must be completed in order. That is, if you had this:

> Project
>> Action Group 1
>>> action 1
>>> action 2
>> Action Group 2
>>> action 3
>>> action 4
>> Action Group 3
>>> action 5
>>> action 6

If Project were "sequential", then only Action Group 1 and Action 1 will be available, while if it were "parallel", then all action groups and actions are available.

If you want to do action group 1, 2 and 3 together (i.e. they're not dependant on each other), the entire project should be set to parallel. If you further want actions within each group to be sequential, then control-click/right-click on that action group and set it to "sequential.