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...If Project were "sequential", then only Action Group 1 and Action 1 will be available, while if it were "parallel", then all action groups and actions are available.

If you want to do action group 1, 2 and 3 together (i.e. they're not dependant on each other), the entire project should be set to parallel. If you further want actions within each group to be sequential, then control-click/right-click on that action group and set it to "sequential.
I am trying to make the entire project parallel - all action groups and actions available. Unfortuately, when I apply the parallel mode to the entire project, two of the action groups remain greyed out (except for the first uncompleted action in each).

Other projects and subprojects in my file work as expected. I only noticed this new behavior after downloading the latest iteration of the alpha. While it's certainly possible it's operator error, I can't figure out why it would only be so in this project.