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What is discussed in this thread is a software for Mac which implement a URL handle for x-omnifocus:. But as far as I can see, OmniFocus already has a URL handler for omnifocus: and I am wondering what the syntax should be use that standard URL handler.
Good point!
Thwacks head on desk due to reading failure, asks engineer. :-)


  • if the file name is missing (yes, you then need three slashes) you get the default document.
  • resource-type can be one of task, folder, or context (projects are represented by their root task)
  • the ids can be left out if there is a search
  • if the search is filled out, it will be used to populate the search field in the UI.

It's also worth noting that most of the objects in OF can have URL's copied to the pasteboard via Edit -> Copy as Link (From the main menu and context menu).