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We normally work a 40 hour week, but we rarely charge all our time for that week to the same project. I have a project that started the last week of November. Let's say that the initial start date was 11/23/2009, but I only worked 8 hours the whole week on the project, but the work schedule is set to 40 hours every week for the duration of the project. What I want to show is that for Task1 that started on 11/23/2009, I only logged 8 hours of the 72 hour task. The next week, I might work 12 more hours towards that task. Obviously, I am not completing the task as fast as the work schedule says I am. What I want to do is show that I worked 8 hours on the first week of the project, 12 hours on the second week of the project, and have the rest of the schedule push out. I don't have a definitive timeline for when the project has to be completed, but I do have a definitive number of hours I can spend on each task. How do I enter actual hours against the schedule so that I can see how long the project will take as we move along on it.

I hope this makes sense. Your help is greatly appreciated!