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I would like to see some align tools. Say I select 5 items and want to align them all left, right or center, that would be nice to be able to click the option in a palette.

I would like an option to make an underline on text. When I am architecting a website, I have to simulate links, so underlined text would be helpful.

I would like some way to simulate holding the shift key down when drawing to constrain drawing to 45 degree or 180 degree angles. Drawing a straight line can be challenging to get it to be exactly horizontal.

I wonder if a delete button at the top of the screen would be helpful. I found the delete in the row of selects when you hold down on an object. I think perhaps a quick tap on an object, then another tap on a delete icon would be better, since I seem to need to delete a lot. I would like to hear if that is something other users would like.

Is there a way to name documents? All of mine seem to get "My Diagram" I would like to name them.

So far this is a nice start and I know good things come from OmniGroup so I expect to see OmniGraffle for iPad to continue to improve.