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Help! My wife and I are unable to sync our iPhone Omnifocus on 3GS iPhones with our respective MBPs (latest software throughout) since updating the Omnifocus iPhone app a few days ago.

I've tried sending the settings from MBP Omnifocus to iPhone Omnifocus but they're not found by the iPhone Omnifocus app. I've tried e-mailing the settings from the Omnifocus, but they result in the same error: "Unable to find sync server."

We've had no problems before updating the iPhone Omnifocus app.

Anyone else using Bonjour and experiencing Sync issues?

On a separate note, developers, the e-mail settings you send through - the link received in the iPhone e-mail software isn't clickable. I had to copy and paste it into a browser.

Also in the MBP Omnifocus app, if I go to the Synchronization Preferences, select Bonjour and click on the Help icon down bottom right, I get a message from Help: "Help viewer cannot open this document"

So ... err ... Help!