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The more I learn kGTD and the more I use it the more I realize how powerful it is.

Please, OmniDudes, make sure to keep 100% of the power of kGTD in your new product for version 1.0. It would be very hard to go from kGTD to OmniFocus if it was missing things we had all grown very accustom to.

Off the top of my head:
- iCal syncing
- Re-occuring events
- Quicksilver integration
- Context/Project views

A great NEW feature would be to add a view of one project for better focus. Right now, you see all projects, but it would be nice to see a view of only one project at a time so you can focus on that.

Adding to that, how about links to OmniGraffle mind maps. David Allen is BIG on mind maps, it would be great to be able to hook up OmniGraffle documents, or link them for easy jumping back and forth.