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You can run Where in OF from the toolbar of your main document, and conduct quite powerful house-keeping searches of folders|projects|tasks|contexts in your archive. The search language is essentially applescript (with a few extensions), and draws on several recent (Ver 1.8) enhancements to the OmniFocus applescript library.

(You just need to prefix any search with the word archived)

Apart from obvious text and date searches like:
archived projects where <txt> is in name or <txt2> is in name
archived tasks where (completion date ≥ <dte>) and (completion date ≤ <dte2>)
you can also build more complex searches like:
archived projects where ((singleton action holder is false) and (number of available tasks < 3) and (number of completed tasks > 10))

(It's fairly fast in my rather heavily pruned archive, but I haven't tested it with enormous archives)


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