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Well, there's another way you can approach this, if you want to have a nice set of completed monthly projects. Get Curt Clifton's Populate Template Placeholders script, make a template project with all of the actions you want to do every month (nothing repeating, and a start date for each month's project so it doesn't appear before its time), and use the script to stamp out a year's worth of monthly projects. Each one will be completely independent, so you won't have the issue of the next month's work depending on every bit of the previous month's work being completed. You can add extra actions to any month's project as needed, and an excellent one would be the action to make another year's worth of monthly projects! It does have the advantage that you can see tasks out in the future as far as you've created the projects, which the repeating approach does not support. However, it doesn't handle the addition of associated tasks which might need to be done on a different repeat interval, which is a piece of cake with the never-ending project approach. Of course, there's nothing preventing you from using both approaches in parallel.