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Thanks, whpalmer4, for your help. I appreciate it. The tasks show due dates of February 2 and February 9, respectively. The recurring task is set to start on Monday and is on Wednesday each week.

Just to test the situation, I edited both tasks to remove the start date and left only the due date. Both remained on tomorrow's Forecast list. I then deleted both tasks completely and created a new task with a start of January 31 and a due date of February 2. I made the task recurring weekly. Next week's instance of the task appears on tomorrow's Forecast. The task also appears on tomorrow's list under Perspectives > Due. So, either I'm missing some logic here (likely) or OmniFocus is missing some logic (less likely, but still possible).

The syncing could be a problem if a task is addressed on two different devices; I get that. That's not the case here. I haven't opened OmniFocus on my iPod Touch at all today.