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I'm hoping someone can help me with this, especially the experts at Omni, because I need to get a demo out the door, and am stuck.

I am getting an error message or omnigraffle crashes when I attempt to export an entire file OR even a single canvas to HTML.

Here's what happens:
-The original file I was exporting had 14 canvases each with about 4 -5 layers. Exporting to HTML even with reducing quality crashes OmniGraffle.

- Exporting a single canvas within this file generates the following message:
The document [document name.graffle] could not be exported as [document name.html]. Failure when trying to produce data of type JPEG format. Check the console for messages.

- I tried creating a separate test file and am having exactly the same issues

There only special characters in my canvas names are periods. (e.g. no colons or semi-colons as I saw that this was a known bug)

I was having a similar issue in the earlier version I was running (5.1.1 maybe?), so I'd hoped the upgrade would fix it, but it's making it worse. Before I could get the error message when exporting the whole file. Now it just crashes.