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Hi all, I was able to get Ken's script working last week when I was using the trial version of OO4, but now that I bought a licence for OO4 (standard) the script no longer works.

Upon running the script I now get the following error:

error "OmniOutliner got an error: Can’t make class «class OOcl»." number -2710 from «class OOcl» to class

Which comes from this line of code:
make new «class OOcl» with properties {«class OOct»:«constant OOCtOct0», name:"Context"}

I tried copying Ken's code into the AppleScript Editor once again and re-compiling, and I get the following error in the editor:

Syntax Error: Expected “,” or “}” but found class name.

which is for the following line of code:
if blnContext then
make new column with properties {column type:styled text, name:"Project"}

Any ideas as to why this might be happening? Do I require OO4 pro to be able to do this?

Thanks for your help,