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Back in the infancy of Mac OS X, I bought a licence for OmniWeb and used it as my main browser for several years. I occasionally used Camino or Firefox as alternatives, but always liked OmniWeb. Then came Safari and eventually I switched as it looked like OmniWeb might be on its last legs.

After a few years of Safari being my main browser, it started to take on some serious bloat and wholly unnecessary features leading to significant performance issues as it sucked up machine resources (even on a 3GHz Quad Mac Pro with 9GB of RAM). In the end I moved to Chromium as it promised a less resource-hungry alternative, and Firefox was already a bit bloated.

However, in recent months Chrome/Chromium has also become remarkably bloated for what was supposedly a more efficient browser. So, I find myself back with OmniWeb as my main browser once again and am pleased at how resource efficient and quick it is in comparison.

I would dearly love to see development of OmniWeb continue, but with speed and efficiency being its core strength. There are perhaps a few features that OmniWeb could add that other browsers have, however, I would not like to see anything added that would adversely impact the performance of OmniWeb as this is where it wins for me.