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I think the main difference between a sequential and parallel project in OF is that the remaining actions in a parallel project are not blocked (i.e. they're displayed in black rather than grayed-out text).
True, but there is also the "Single Action List" that has all items showing as next actions. The "Miscellaneous" project that comes with OF out of the box (or download) is one of these and all the items I have there show as next actions.

I tried creating a single action list and dragging it to the project, but it changed to a parallel action group rather than what I hoped would be a single action group where all the items would be next actions.

Hopefully this will be added at some point. It seems they're awfully close to this already.

FYI, The Project name is "Learn Portuguese", a sequential project. The first item is "Purchases" which has several items in a couple of different contexts. If I'm "Online" in that context I want the entire list to show. If I'm running "Errands" I want to know the entire list of items I can buy while I'm in that mode.