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I had early problems with iCal syncing and haven't tried it again in some time (I've never had luck with several other tools that rely on sync-services). Part of it for me is that, in OF, the tool for determining what you need to look at is Perspectives, but there is no way to create and sync an iCal calendar based on a perspective.

I'm nearly done with an Applescript that does this. Its something I think I'll be able to make use of soon, but have have time to write now. However there are a couple use questions that I'm seeking opinion on.

For now I'm only syncing completion status - if a task is completed in one but not the other, it will make sure it is complete in both (in other words, there is no way to sync a reverse a completion).

The text of the task is used when create-sync a todo, but if you make changes to the text of the task, in either app, it is not updated in the other. This would be possible based on the last "modified date", but without something like sync services, there is no simple way to determine a potential conflict (where both have been modified since last sync). So, Should I continue to skip text sync, or should I sync based on the most recently modified item?

When a new todo is created in iCal, it is added to the inbox. I have the choice to remove this from iCal immediately or to remove it from iCal if it is not in the perspective being synced on the next sync. What do you think is the preferred behavior?

Finally, if a todo is deleted from iCal, should the task be deleted from OF? My initial opinion is no, I'm not inclined to delete much from OF. But if these are not deleted in OF, but still present in the perspective, should they be recreated in iCal?