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I've got what I think may be a similar problem - again, may be me being dense!

I'm sitting at the computer and think of another action, one that I need to do at the computer so OF is open at contexts/@computer. I create an action, assign it to the appropriate project and check the @computer context. However it won't appear in that context. I need to go back to the Inbox and redo it and *then* it will appear in the correct context.

Is this me or a bug?

One other point. Is it possible to re-order actions within the appropriate context window? EG I sit at the comp and decide I have the time to do (say) A, B, E and G. So I want to put them in order 1,2, 3, etc. I guess this is idiosyncratic, but it works for me :-)

Compliments of the season to all.