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Ah, I see. OK - good tip. Either way, I'll just need to delete everything from the copy to make a new one.

Looking forward to toying with this - and wondering how OF will behave differently on the second document - especially where perspectives are concerned. I'll post back here if I see any gems or curiosities - also if anyone knows of any gotchas on this road, by all means chime in... :-)

Cheers, and thanks again.
I said that I would post back here if I saw anything notable - one thing I've noticed is that, when I drag a folder (say, a second or third-level folder) into the top level of the other ofocus document, OF creates the parent folder also and puts the folder there. A mild quirk, I just have to drag around a bit and delete the parent once it's empty.

Aside from this, I like how this works. I'm using this as a way to keep things clean in my main omnifocus document clean, so it contains only actionable stuff. I'm keeping Maybe Someday stuff in a separate document. Seems very promising.

The review cycle is supported, which will be nice for quickly whipping through the items looking for anything that's becoming more concrete or that should be deleted (DA recommends reviewing Maybe Someday regularly, I recall). The inbox works, complete with autocomplete in the Project dropdown... forming a nice conduit for Maybe Someday stuff from my main ofocus document (using a Maybe Someday "outbox") into the Maybe Someday document, where they can can be sorted and dispatched with ease.

I haven't run any of my helper applescripts in the Maybe Someday document yet, I want to review them all first and look for anything that's specific to the main document.