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Please correct me if I'm wrong, but...

There is absolutely no way to backup and restore my data as a PC-Touch-OF user, unless I choose to install a web server on my machine and implement WebDAV, or use a free WebDAV service on the web somewhere. I am unhappy with this.

Along with Calendar and Contacts, OmniFocus is the most important program on my Touch, and I'm feeling more and more pressure to come up with a disaster plan, if my Touch dies or is stolen. Losing this data would be devastating. I'm going to go ahead and install the WebDAV web server on my machine, but it frankly feels like using a themonuclear blast to kill a mosquito.

Please consider something simple (well...simple to us users!) to backup and restore OF data directly to/from your PC. I'm thinking of something like...

...[A] a stub application to install onto the PC that is simply a conduit to wifi your backups and restore-s back and forth between the PC and Touch. This is what the password program, mSecure, does when you don't have their desktop's a free download PC app called mBackup. See

...or [B] a solution like Instapaper or QuickOffice uses, where you email an attachment to their company, then it is recognized from within their application. To backup OF, I would email the OF data to myself (it'd be a zipped attachment). And to restore, I'd email that attachment to, and then reference it via the OF preferences dialog on the Touch.

I don't care how it's done. Anything is better than the current solution.

Anyway, thank you for considering. I wouldn't even bother with this if OF wasn't such an incredible application.