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One of my projects is "Move home"

There are some actions like "book van" and "find cardboard boxes" that can be parallel, but others like "pack stuff in boxes" or "pick up van" that can only be done once other things have happened first.

The simple answer is to make two sequential projects called "pack stuff" and "hire van" under a folder called move home.

However, let's say before I can complete the item "pick up the van" I need to complete a task "find my drivers license". "Find my drivers license" needs to happen in parallel to "book van" - so how is it best to organise that action?

In a new project called "Moving Home Misc Single Actions"?

Another way of doing this is to just dump all action items into a Word doc in outline mode and copy and paste the next actions as I go along. The disadvantage of this is that it requires more maintenance.

Any advice?