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Or am I missing something?
No, I think you're spot-on, Macula. That's exactly how I would handle it.

You can create some very powerful (and complicated) sequences by nesting sequential and parallel action groups. For example, using Tim1's scenario, you could do something like this:

Move Home (sequential project)

    - Prepare for move (parallel action group)

         - Get van (sequential action group)
            - Book van
            - Pick up van

         - Get boxes (sequential action group)
            - Find cardboard boxes
            - Pack stuff

    - Load boxes into van
    - Drive van home
    - Unload van

    - Finish move (parallel action group)
        - Unpack boxes
        - Return van
Some might find this more complicated than it's worth, but it's at least an accurate depiction of your actions' dependencies. And you can, of course, make it as simple or as intricate as you like.